Consort Black Currant Bush - NO SHIP to NC, WV, NH - 2.5" Pot

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Location: Currants like morning sun, afternoon part-shade and buoyant air circulation. They can be grown in the high shade of fruit trees such as persimmon, as well as on the north side of buildings. Currants can withstand ocean winds but the salt air will burn the leaves and turn them ragged. Soil: Currants are not finicky about soil but, in keeping with their proclivity for cold, prefer heavier soils richer in clay. A thick mulch of some organic material also keeps the soil cool in summer while adding humus to the soil. Sandy soils are less suitable for currants because they dry out too fast. The plants will not tolerate alkaline or salty soil. Consort is ideal for the home garden. The bushes are compact, approximately 3 feet in height at maturity, with high yields of large, easy-to-pick berries. The fruit makes an excellent jam or jelly and is recommended for winemaking. This cultivar is highly resistant to White Pine Blister Rust. Zones 4-8.
  • Compact, approximately 3 feet in height
  • Large, easy-to-pick berries
  • Excellent jam or jelly and is recommended for winemaking
  • Hardy in zones 4-8
  • Immediate shipping. We cannot ship this item to New Hampshire, North Carolina and West Virginia per state regulations.

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