Captivator Red Gooseberry Bush - NO SHIP to NC, WV, NH - 2.5" Pot

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Jumbo fruits on semi-thornless canes. This hybrid of a European and American species bred in Canada bears large, 1 inch, teardrop-shaped berries on a large, open bush that is both very hardy and mildew resistant. The fruit is green when immature, turning pink to full red when ripe with very sweet flavor. The berries hang in long-stemmed clusters making them easy to pick and ripen in midsummer. Ideal for jellies, jams and juice. Growth Habit: Gooseberries are deciduous shrubs, fast growing under optimum conditions to 3 feet tall and 6 feet wide. The plant is suitable for training as a standard. Annual growth is in a single flush in spring. The roots are superficial, fine and easily damaged by frequent cultivation. Flowers: The inconspicuous flowers, green with pink flushed petals, open in early spring. They are borne laterally on one-year old wood and on short spurs of older wood. The flowers are self-fertile and pollinated by wind and insects, including bees. Each flower bud opens to yield from one to four flowers, depending on cultivar. Fruit: The fruit, borne singly or in pairs at the axils, is a berry with many minute seeds at the center. A gooseberry may be green, white (gray-green), yellow, or shades of red from pink to purple to almost black. CULTURE Location: Gooseberries like morning sun, afternoon part-shade and buoyant air circulation. They are most productive in full sunlight but the leaves sunburn easily under California conditions. They can be grown in the high shade of fruit trees such as persimmon or on the north side of buildings. American gooseberry are much more sun tolerant. Plants collapse quickly when soil or air temperature exceeds 85 degrees F. Amish Red is American origin; very productive large bush; berries are red, medium sized; not susceptible to mildew.
  • We cannot ship this item to New Hampshire, North Carolina and West Virginia per state regulations.
  • Up to 3' Tall. Hardy in zones 3-9
  • Gooseberries like morning sun, afternoon part-shade and buoyant air circulation
  • Very productive with dark red medium sized fruit on upright plants
  • Immediate shipping


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    Captivator red goosberry bush

    Posted by Margarete Orlik-Walsh on Nov 10th 2020

    Thanks for sending the plants. I was a bit dismayed to find one of them very dry and brittle. Will let you know whether it will make it in the spring. I am fully aware of dormancy, but that one plant did look less than alive.

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    This Is Where You Want To Purchase Your Plant(s)!

    Posted by Bob W. on Sep 24th 2020

    Having bought 4 different types of gooseberry bushes from Hirt's Gardens, all of which had been planted last spring and produced berries in their first year, I decided to try a fall planting with a fifth variety. Fingers crossed as not all planter websites recommend fall planting. To say I'm satisfied would be an understatement. I had gone the bare root route and gotten burned several times. Look no further--you need to buy your gooseberries from Hirt's. They send live plants that have green on them, in pots. I live in zone 6b and we've been experiencing many unusually mild winters for years now. First year four bushes and a gooseberry pie!! Next year we should experience a significantly higher yield.

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