Zavory Mild Habanero Pepper 15 Seeds - Almost Sweet!

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Zavory Mild Habanero Pepper
(Capsicum chinense)
A hot pepper gone mild! Enjoy the fruity aroma of a habanero with little or no heat. Dr. Paul Grun at Penn State University spent many years developing this specialty pepper. The shiny fruits turn from green to yellow, red and orange as they mature and are slightly larger, longer and smoother than an ordinary habanero. A real breakthrough, 'Zavory' is the first habanero pepper that registers a mild 100 units of heat on the 'Scoville' scale instead of the typical 30,000 units. Bite into one of the shiny, cardinal red fruits to experience the distinctive flavor that you'll miss when trying the typical hot varieties. The fruity, almost sweet flavor is finest when used raw or just heated through and makes an interesting addition to soups, salads and omelets. Also excellent pickled or brined. High-yielding plants grow 30 inches tall.


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    Looked great

    Posted by Ruth Vandruska on Jun 12th 2020

    Planted a few days ago, not growing yet but sure will be great as things from this company is always packed well and great seeds and plants. Great to work with. Have ordered over 5 times with them and always excellent plants.

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