Wintersun Paperwhite Narcissus - 4 Bulbs - 15/16 cm Bulbs - Indoor/Very Fragrant

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Paperwhite Wintersun - the new kid on the block with definite two-toned flower and wonderful fragrance; 12"-16".These are the finest Paperwhite's available. Paperwhites can be grown without going through a cold storage period. Simply fill a pot halfway with soil, set the bulb gently in the soil and pack more soil around the bulbs leaving the tips visible. Water the bulbs thoroughly, allowing time for the soil to absorb enough water so it is thoroughly soaked. Place anywhere in the house and watch them develop. Place them preferably in a window sill where there is plenty of light. If you place your Paperwhites for 3 to 4 weeks in a cooler place (45 - 55 degrees F.) directly after planting, they generally stay shorter which prevents them from falling over when in full bloom.
  • Fragrant, White Two Tone Blooms. Mature Height: 16-20"
  • Bulbs will flower 4-6 weeks after planting
  • Force Indoors. Zone 9-11
  • 4 Bulbs
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