Variegated Green & Cream Vanilla Bean Orchid Plant - 4" Pot- Planifolia

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Native almost to the tropics the range includes Mexico, Central America, West Indies, and Northern South America. The genus vanilla produces the world's most popular spice, a climbing member of the orchid family, the vanilla orchid is both terrestrial and epiphytic, it grows in soil and other plants sending out aerial roots that capture water and nutrients. It is a rewarding experience to grow your own vanilla orchid, and have it produce gorgeous, sweet pale yellow/green orchid flowers and hopefully the famous vanilla bean. This remarkable orchid is very easy to grow in the garden, greenhouse or very bright window, a well-draining humus rich soil or redwood orchid bark. Humidity and temperatures no lower than 40 degrees. A relentless climber can grow to 50' in a few years, a truly exotic addition to the tropical garden, greenhouse, or window location. Grow your own vanilla beans and enjoy the variegated foliage for a spectacular ornamental display. This member of the orchid family produces a bean that, when cured, reveals the delicious flavoring so coveted by bakers. A somewhat slow-growing vine, it needs a structure on which to climb. Once it has matured, reaching the top of the support, it will pendulate down and begin to flower. The beautiful orchid flowers last a day at which time hand pollination is needed to produce the bean.
  • Very easy to grow in the garden, greenhouse or very bright window
  • Source of the world's most popular spice, vanilla
  • Produces gorgeous sweet pale yellow/green orchid flowers
  • Proper name: Vanilla plantifolia 'Variegata'
  • The plant you will receive is growing in a 4" pot