Arabica Coffee Bean Plant - 4" pot - Grow & Brew Your Own Coffee Beans

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The original home of the coffee plant is Africa. The first coffee plant of economic importance was Coffea Arabica. It grows to the height of 2-3 feet but the cultivated plants are cut to the height of 1-2 feet to get more width. The leaves of the coffee are lustrous dark green with lighter underside. The flowers emerge from the branches together with the leaves. The white coffee flower has five petals and a scent resembling that of jasmine. The coffee berries are cherry-sized and green at first, turning dark red later on. The ripening takes eight months. The coffee plant can simultaneously have flowers and berries in all stages of development. The coffee tree requires temperature of 65-80 degrees F. Thus, the coffee tree is a tropical plant.


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    Product arrived on time and intact.

    Posted by SaldanaT on May 24th 2020

    I'm happy with my purchase.

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    Addicting plants!

    Posted by Ben on Dec 23rd 2019

    -comes with several saplings
    -well packaged


    I love these plants from Hirt's! My first coffee trees came from Amazon (actually from Hirt's as the seller!) a year ago and I was so pleased I figured I'd give a direct purchase a go to add to my little farm I've started. For those unaware you will get several saplings (I've gotten anywhere from 4 saplings up to 7 in a pot). It's not uncommon for them to not all survive depending on their stage but don't fret as the trees that do will certainly meet expectations!

    Personally I've always separated mine almost right away (soaking the roots to make them easier to separate with less damage). I recommend purchasing some Volcanic Ash (you can find at nurseries or online) and mixing it in the soil to aid in nutrients then periodically sprinkle some on top and let waterings work it to the soil.

    They are pretty simple plants to care for but can be a bit slow growing. Once they get going they make nice foliage and hopefully will produce fruit as soon as 3 years. Fingers crossed!

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    Great condition

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 2nd 2019

    Great condition. Leaves are shiny and plant looks healthy. Shipped fast and packaged well.

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    Great Product

    Posted by Carissa on Oct 22nd 2019

    I recently purchased this coffee plant and it arrived healthy and as described.

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