Surprise Moth Orchid Plant - Phalaenopsis - 4" Pot - Easy House Plant

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Phalaenopsis, the moth orchid, is perhaps the best orchid for growing in the home and is also a favorite with greenhouse growers. Well-grown plants can flower often, sometimes with a few flowers throughout the year, though the main season is late winter into spring. Average home temperatures and conditions are usually sufficient. They prefer temperatures above 60 F. Flower stems on certain hybrids can be forced to rebloom by cutting the tip off after the initial flowering. Only healthy plants should be induced to flower repeatedly. Water is especially critical for phalaenopsis. Because they have no major water-storage organs other than their leaves, they must never completely dry out. Plants should be thoroughly watered and not watered again until nearly dry. Recommended humidity being between 50 and 80 percent. Colors will vary with no customizations. May not be in bloom at time of shipment.
  • Proper name: Phalaenopsis
  • Bright indirect light with temperatures above 60 degrees F.
  • Bloom colors will vary, with no customizations and may not be in bloom at time of shipment.
  • Easy to grow
  • Immediate shipping in a 4" Pot