Curly Lipstick Plant - Aeschynanthus Rasta - Easy Blooming House Plant -4" Pot

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Related to African violets and gloxinias, lipstick plants are members of the gesneriad family. It's easy to see the reason for their common name since the lobed red flowers emerging from a maroon sheath do resemble lipsticks in tubes. Natives of the West Indies, the plants grow as epiphytes in the wild, but they're most comfortable in hanging baskets in the home. Blooms should come and go all year if the plant has suitable bright light and adequate water. The soil shouldn't dry out completely, but should not be soggy. Like all plants from the tropics, lipstick plants suffer in low humidity. Misting the leaves will increase the humidity. Curly Lipstick Plant (Aeschynanthus 'Rasta') A wonderful subject for a hanging basket and a resilient grower inside the house, ‘Rasta’ takes low light and a dry atmosphere and still thrives. Twisted Lipstick Plant has densely curled leaves that gracefully cascade while the bright red flowers emerge from dark maroon calyxes. ‘Rasta’ tends to bloom most heavily in late summer and early fall.
  • Easy to grow house plant
  • Proper name: Aeschynanthus 'Rasta'
  • Native of West Indies
  • Scarlet-Red blooms like a tube of lipstick
  • The plant you will receive is growing in a 4" pot