Rarest In The World! Ring of Fire Philodendron - 4" Pot

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The rarest, most sought after Philodendron in the world. Leaves have 5 colors. The Philodendron Ring of Fire is believed to be a hybrid between the Philodendron Tortum (polypodioides) and the Philodendron Wendlandii. It will cope with a variety of lightings, but it will shine its brightest when it's kept in lots of bright, indirect sunlight. The best time to water your philodendron is when the top 1/3 layer of soil (i.e. top 1/3 of stick) is dry. The soil should never be drier than that though.
  • Great as a house plant, adds a tropical feel.
  • Grows almost anywhere in the house
  • Keep soil evenly moist, but not wet or dry
  • Thrive on totems
  • Some small leaf loss and dirt loss in normal in shipping.