Joepii Philodendron - 4" Pot - Trending/Collector's Series

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The plant thrives well in medium, indirect light, but can also tolerate lower indirect light. The Joepii need to be watered every 1-2 weeks. The frequency of watering must be doubled with increased light. Home temperatures of 65-degree Fahrenheit to 75-degree Fahrenheit (18 degrees to 23 degrees Celsius) are the best. You can say exactly what your Philodendron Joepii wants when you look for the signals. That is why even novice owners find it is fairly simple to grow and care for the plant. The rare South American plant is known for not only its air-purifying properties but also for being a lovely natural decoration. It is important to grow a Philodendron Joepii in uniformly damp soil. This encourages the roots of the plant to continuously breathe in fresh oxygen. But you need to make sure the potting soil is damp and not soggy using potting soil that is loose and airy, otherwise, root rotting may begin to occur. With the Joepii, a traditional potting ground does not fit well. I prefer to grow my Philodendron in loose soil, which, like the peat, perlite, and orchid mixture, is a fast-draining kind. Charcoal and gravel are also present in this mixture. This blend helps to conserve the pH of the soil between 4.5-7.5, which is considered optimal for a Joepii plant. The root structure of the Philodendron species is built to collect water in the rainiest seasons. The plant can get water from its environment even under dry weather conditions by concentrating its energy on absorbing moisture close to its roots. Watering it after 1 or 2 weeks is great. You can change this frequency based on your plant’s behavior. These plants need to grow towards the light, so they usually climb against something. That is why I prefer to grow mine near a tall totem. I highly recommend growing yours close to a wet wall. This sort of wall must be covered with moss and sphagnum-filled wiring. When put indoors, keep it near the east or west-facing quarters. This way, your plant will be in a protected spot during the strong mid-day heat. Keep the plant far from the edge of the window or behind a curtain that’s not too thick if you have a room facing south.
  • Provide a support structure such as a plant totem
  • Keep humidity at 60% or higher if possible
  • Keep soil evenly moist, but take care not to over-water
  • Collector's Series
  • The plant you will receive is growing in a 4" pot