Pingo de Mel Edible Fig Plant - Ficus carica - Sweet - 2.5" Pot

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Originating from Portugal now grown in the USA, the Pingo de Mel edible fig is sweet as pie. Pingo de Mel, tastes like honey, and its interior flesh has the translucent color of honey. The skin is deep green when ripe. It resists cracking during rainfall, unlike many figs that are grown commercially or in a garden. The plants can be grown in a container or outdoors. If grown outside in soil, the trees can reach up to 20 feet in height. Grown In containers, it is best to prune them to no more than six feet tall. The fruits are of agreeable size, larger than a golf ball occasionally a tennis ball size in optimal growing conditions. These amazingly productive trees are bushy and yield up to 150 figs on a six-foot, branched plant.
  • Portuguese Specialty Fig, grown and shipped from USA
  • Can be container grown if pruned
  • Zone 6
  • Outdoors can grow up to 20 feet tall
  • Immediate Shipping in a 2.5" pot, dormant shipping in winter