C's Red Edible Fig Plant - Ficus carica - Sweet - 2.5" Pot

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Originating from Portugal now grown in the USA, the C's Red edible fig is sure to please. C’s Red’s flesh is deep red and has a delicately sweet berry taste. If the plant is grown outdoors, the skin is an attractive reddish brown when fully ripe and will also resist cracking. Fruit size is noticeably large--about a quarter of an inch larger than a golf ball. The fine fruit quality is suitable for fresh marketing, especially after the fruits have been chilled to 40 degrees. The plants adapt very well to container growing and can be grown outdoors as well. Both varieties are cold tolerant to USDA Zone 6, so will grow successfully in temperatures of minus 10 degrees F.
  • Portuguese Specialty Fig, grown and shipped from USA
  • Adapt well to container growing
  • Zone 6
  • Figs also make very unusual bonsais
  • Immediate Shipping in a 2.5" pot, dormant shipping in winter