‘Chicago Hardy’ Fig - Ficus carica - 4" Pot

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A hardy edible fig! 'Chicago Hardy' is one of the most cold-resistant figs on the market. Though it may die back to the ground in the colder ends of its range, it resprouts from the roots and will still bear sweet edible figs in autumn. Can grow in warmer parts of USDA zone 5 in protected sites; it should be mulched well in these areas for best results.
  • Planting Zones 6 - 10 (-10°F/-23°C)
  • The fruit is medium-size, with dark purplish-brown skin and a sweet, rich flavor
  • Originally from the eastern Mediterranean region
  • Prefers full or part sun. Can freeze to the ground and come back to produce a crop the same year
  • Immediate shipping. They are shipped dormant in the winter.