Paraiso Verde Philodendron - 4" Pot - Collector's Series

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Philodendron paraiso verde is a tropical plant known for its colorful variegation and growth habit. It has long, deeply lobed green leaves speckled with irregular yellow and light green markings. This climbing philodendron prefers warmth, humidity, well-drained soil, and bright, indirect light. With the proper care and conditions, it's a fast-growing plant that requires a moss pole or other support to climb. Like other philodendrons, philodendron paraiso verde grows best with medium to bright indirect light or filtered sunlight. Water when the top half of the soil in the pot has dried out. Check cache pots and drip trays to ensure the plant isn't sitting in water, which can cause root rot. Keep in mind that you'll need to water more frequently in the spring and summer than in the colder months.
  • Easy to grow houseplant
  • Prefers temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees
  • 60 and 70 percent humidity
  • Can grow up to 10' tall and 2' wide
  • Immediate shipping in a 4" pot