Organic Fenugreek Sprouting Seeds - 20 grams

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For pennies a day, you can have the freshest, most nutrition packed sprouts possible by growing your own at home. Our certified organic sprouting seed will ensure your success. Anyone who has purchased sprouts at the grocery store knows that quality can vary greatly. Fenugreek sprouts are not usually found at grocery stores, so by growing them yourself, you can have these delicious, nutritious sprouts whenever you want them. Add them to sandwiches and salads, juice with vegetables, mix into potato salad, or add to sushi, rice and pasta dishes. Fenugreek seeds contain vitamins A, B1, C, flavonoids, phosphorous and lysine, and are known to have high antioxidant properties. Save some seeds to grow a plant or two, and enjoy the young, tender leaves in any way you would use other greens. There are several ways to grow sprouts; the easiest and least expensive is the jar method. All you need is a glass canning jar (quart or larger) and a lid. For complete instructions on how to grow sprouts using the jar method, see inside of packet.
  • Nutty, maple aroma
  • Certified Organic
  • No GMOs
  • Nutritious!
  • Ships from Ohio