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Recent evidence suggests that the Domestic apple is derived mainly if not exclusively from Malus sieversii although Malus sylvestris may also have contributed. It is difficult to ascertain when domestication of apples began but apple remains in archaeological sites dating back to the Neolithic suggest that from the earliest times, apples were being harvested from the wild and eaten. Presumably apple trees started growing round habitations from discarded apple pips.

Hardiness zones: 4-11 (-32c/-25f, 4c/40f) For the Malus Domestica a deep, well-drained, loamy soil with 6-7 pH is best, but they are grown on a wide variety of soils worldwide. Apple trees grow and bear good fruits on loamy and sandy soils, but on sandy soils they need the introduction of organic fertilizations. The trees do require good drainage, and heavy soils or flat land should be tilled to make certain that the root systems are never in saturated soil. They do require some protection from the wind and should not be planted in low areas that are prone to late spring frosts. They have a more northern range than many other tree fruits due to relatively late blooming and extreme cold hardiness. Their life duration is 30-100 (on average 60-70) years

  • Hardy Zones 4-11
  • Well Drained, Loamy Soil
  • Their life duration is 30-100 (on average 60-70) years
  • 20 Seeds
  • Ships from Ohio

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