Magic Green Amaryllis - Creamy Green with Picotee Edges - 30/32cm Bulb

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New - Creamy green blooms with purple/pink edges The flowers of these exquisite varieties appear in several forms: from smaller, trumpet-shaped blooms, to species-like, exotic flowers, to more open, saucer-like blossoms. These more delicate, graceful flowers may stand atop stems a bit shorter than their "normal" sized siblings. Their height depends, in part, on the temperature of your home as well as the amount of sunlight that they receive. The warmer they are and the more sunlight they receive, the shorter and more well-proportioned the plant will be.
  • Color of Bloom: Creamy Green with Purple/Pink Edges
  • Force Indoors: Yes
  • Hardy Zones 9-11
  • Bulb Size: 30/32 cm
  • Immediate shipping