Little Plum Lewisia 20 Seeds - Perennial

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Pinkish-red, striped flowers in late May. Flowers are large for a Lewisia, up to 1" in diameter. Many flowers per plant. Very showy when in bloom. This particular variety is reputed to be hardier than many other Lewisia and we have found this to be the case. They appear to do best if given some shade from afternoon sun during our zone 3 winters. Flower stems up to about 6" tall, about 6" in width.

Lewisia require very good drainage. Best approach is to plant them on a sharp slope, or even vertically between two rocks. Planting them bare root in sand and gravel helps, too. The bottom line is that they need good drainage to thrive.

Hardy in zones: 4-9

Proper name: Lewisia cotyledon 'Little Plum'

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