Lady Plymouth Rose Scented Leaf Geranium - Repels Mosquitos-Inside/Out-Quart Pot

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Deep cut, gray-green leaves that are variegated creamy-white. Rose and lemon scented with dainty, lavender-pink flowers. Mature height: 12-24" Full Sun, Protect from frost. Pelargoniums or scented leaf geraniums are aptly described as living potpourri for the home. They are not grown for their flowers, but for their scent. Most are native to South Africa and became popular with Victorians when the colonists brought them back to Britain with them. Unlike other garden plants that are fragrant only when blooming, scenteds are fragrant all year long. The scent is contained in the small beads of oil produced in the glands at the base of the leaf hairs. Bruising or crushing the leaves breaks the beads and thus the plant releases its scent. All are wonderfully fragrant and have a distinctive smell. Outside during the summer they prefer sun or part-sun. Bring them indoors in the winter, place them in a sunny window and they make an excellent house plant plus they have delicate, lavender-pink blooms.
  • Excellent for repelling Mosquitos
  • Loves the sun. Lavender-pink blooms
  • Grow outdoors in pots, bring inside in the winter
  • Mature Height: 12-24 inches
  • The plant you will receive is growing in a quart pot