Golden Zebra Coniogramme emeiensis - Striped Mt. Emei Bamboo Fern - 4" Pot

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Also known as: Coniogramme emeiensis Marble leaf. Coniogramme 'Golden Zebra' is a 2006 Plant Delights/JLBG introduction of an amazing form of bamboo fern from China's magical Mt. Emei (also spelled Omei). Coniogramme emeiensis 'Golden Zebra' makes a stunning, slowly spreading, 2' tall patch of 4' long, arching, branched, ribbon-like fronds, each highlighted with regularly spaced horizontal yellow bands. Where it isn't winter hardy, Golden Zebra striped bamboo fern will make one really cool houseplant! Coniogramme emeiensis ‘Golden Zebra’ is hardy in your garden to Zone 7. Long (18″) arching fronds with lime-green striations. It grows best in light or dappled shade and needs regular water and well-draining soil.
  • Collector's Series
  • Mature Height: 18-24"
  • Part Sun to Part Shade
  • Easy to grow indoor fern, zones 7-9 or higher
  • Immediate shipping in a 4" Pot