Golden Tears Bleeding Heart 15 Seeds - Dicentra - Vine

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golden tears
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DICENTRA: The common name of this plant, bleeding heart, comes from the heart-shaped flowers which have a longer inner petal that extends below the 'heart'. Pendulous flowers on slender stems grow from clumps of fernlike foliage in the spring. The flowering season is from early spring to mid summer .

Looking for a 'show stopper' A wonderful climber with dozens of yellow locket flowers which insist on climbing on any convenient trellis, fence or other support. A unique golden 'bleeding heart' vine preferring light but not midday sun. A frost hardy perennial in zones 5-9. In cooler regions grow as a house plant, hanging basket, or patio plant. Can grow up to 10 feet in one growing season. Native to Asia.

Proper name: Dicentra scandens

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