Golden Echo Daffodil 5 Bulbs - NEW - 12/14 cm Bulbs

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New! This is a sweet addition to the fragrant daffodils. The long sulfur yellow trumpet bleeds its bright color onto the pristine white of the corolla. Think spring and think daffodils! Imagine these early flowering blooms swaying in the breeze, brightening the corners of your yard. These daffodils are some of the most widely grown and the most popular. Tall, early-blooming, with thick strong stems, they are virtually weatherproof and will return to brighten your garden for years.
  • Hardy in zones 2-9
  • Bulb Size: 12/14cm
  • Mature Height: 12-16"
  • Bloom time; early to mid spring
  • Immediate Shipping 5 Bulbs