First Blush Hosta - Deep Green with Red Edges - 4" Pot

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Green leaves that develop a red color in spring. The red fades to green again during warmer weather in summer. Hosta 'First Blush' is a medium Hosta that has lavender flowers and grows in half shade/shade. 'First Blush' not only has green leaves with red petioles that extend into the leaf blade but also a thin red margin around the leaf, similar but much more dramatic than its parent 'Beet Salad'. However, the most exciting thing about 'First Blush' is that in spring the leaf between the veins will start to "blush" red from the tip of the leaf down toward the base. The leaves remain red until temperatures surpass 92 degrees, usually into June. The color should persist longer in Northern gardens. Our first red-leafed hosta. It is difficult to find a garden that is without this versatile East Asian native. Lush foliage in diverse colors, heights and textures, coupled with its ability to excel in deep shade have captured gardeners’ hearts everywhere.
  • Hardy Zones 3-9
  • Mature Height: 12 inches, Spread: 24 inches
  • Pale lavender flowers
  • Green with red petioles
  • Immediate shipping in a 4" pot. Dormant shipping in winter.