Eastern Moon Giant Hybrid Lily 2 Bulbs - 16/18 cm - Silver Pink - NEW

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You must see Lily Eastern Moon to believe it! Enormous dangling trumpets measure 7-10” across. This Hybrid Lily is a cross between Oriental and Trumpet Lilies and eventually can reach heights of 5-6’. Fragrant blossoms are silver-pink with burgundy on the reverse and glowing chartreuse throats. Naturalizes well! Make sure to position this in the back of your border. It will successively grow taller each year, reaching for the moon! This overachiever will grow 3-4’ the first year, 5-6’ the second year and often within three years, it can reach heights up to 8’. These fragrant giant lilies are a perfect cross between oriental and trumpet lilies. The sturdy stems on these lilies will grow up to 3-4 feet the first year. By the second year they grow 5-6 feet tall. Within three years these lilies can reach as high as 6-8 feet. They naturalize well and are easy to grow.
  • Silver-pink with burgundy reverse and glowing chartreuse throats
  • Mature Height: 44-48". Loves the sun. Very fragrant.
  • Blooms in June through September. Great cut flower.
  • Hardy in zones 3-9.
  • Immediate Shipping. 16/18 cm bulbs.