Earthwalker Sunflower 30 Seeds

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SUNFLOWERS: Some people see the Sunflower as a flower, and others see it as a vegetable. It is of course both, a beautiful flower and a great vegetable! Healthy, nutritious and attractive, Sunflowers have it all! Sunflowers have delicious seeds, are high in protein, attract birds, and make a popular cooking oil, too.

Sunflowers are also great for kids. The seeds are big and easy to handle, and they require minimal attention. Kids like to grow big things, so a sunflower fits the bill. The end product is not only eye appealing, but makes a great snack. We put Sunflowers, along with pumpkins, as the top two plants for kids to grow!

Earthwalker Sunflower:


Tremendously powerful mix of all the bold hard colors such as terracotta, burnt sienna and beujolais. Trendy, jazzy and makes a lovely screen. Grows 5-8 feet tall.

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