Dante's Hot Pepper 20 Seeds - Long/Medium Hot

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New - 1½ x 7" long, colorful pale green to orange to red, super roasted or fried, tangy medium hot, 62 days HOT PEPPERS: When Wilbur Scoville first devised a means to test the heat of peppers, his hottest entry then came in at 20,000 units. Habanero and Thai chilies can go as high as 60,000. Compare that to the sweet bell pepper at zero. When hot peppers are consumed, capsaicinoids bind with pain receptors in the mouth and throat that are responsible for sensing heat. Once activated by the capsaicinoids, these receptors send a message to the brain that the person has consumed something hot. The brain responds to the burning sensation by raising the heart rate, increasing perspiration and release of endorphins. Hot peppers should be eaten with caution! Bay Leaf Miniature Pepper Capsicum annuum 'Nosegay' Chile Pepper Seeds ~ Plant produces good yields of hot peppers. Peppers are medium hot and turn from light green, to yellow, to orange, to red when mature. Plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers. The leaves look like bay leaves. An high selling greenhouse variety. A beautiful ornamental plant with rainbow of colored peppers that are edible.Days to Maturity: 90 Days
  • Medium hot, tangy mild pepper
  • 1½ x 7" long, colorful pale green to orange to red
  • Super roasted or fried
  • 62 days
  • Ships from Ohio