Chinese Kale (Kailaan) Seeds - 750 mg - Brassica

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Chinese Kale (also called Chinese Broccoli) is similar to broccoli, but it has sweeter, more succulent flavor. Once you try it, you may never go back to regular broccoli! The entire plant is edible - you can eat the leaves, stalks, buds, and flowers. It can be steamed or stir-fried in just about any dish that you would use regular broccoli in. Try stir-frying it with beef, chicken, or pork, or tofu and add a little ginger for a delicious meal. Florets are also great when dipped in tempura batter and deep-fried. For a gourmet treat, lightly sauté the thinnings that you pull to achieve the recommended 4”-6” spacing. Chinese Kale is easier to grow than regular broccoli, because it withstands heat better than most broccoli varieties. High in calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C, one stalk provides 1.5 times the daily requirement of vitamin C.
  • Brassica oleracea
  • 60-70 Days to Maturity
  • Cool Season Crop
  • Also called Chinese Broccoli
  • 750 mg

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