Yellow Granex Onion Seeds - 750 mg - Allium

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The Yellow Granex PRR is one of the approved varieties on the Georgia Agricultural Commission’s list that is used by Vidalia, Georgia farmers to grow the famous Vidalia® Onions. They have top quality with classic, sweet mild taste. And it’s true that some folks eat them like apples! The secret to growing really sweet, mild onions just like they do in that famous town in Georgia is to start with a sweet short-day variety just like this one and have soil that is very low in sulfur. The Yellow Granex is excellent for eating fresh and does not store well. (PRR means Pink Root disease resistant.) As a short-day onion, it grows best in the southern states, south of the 35th parallel. Short-day onions are fall-planted and will only form bulbs in southern areas where spring days are 10-12 hours long. (If you live further north, try the intermediate day onion, ‘Walla Walla’.)
  • Allium cepa
  • 180 Days to Maturity
  • Short Day
  • Cool Season Crop
  • Ships from Ohio

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