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california fan palm
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PALM: Palms are one of the most documented and most studied plants in the world and there are over 2600 species of palm tree types known today. Palm trees have an amazing amount of variations and differences in morphology, creating one the most diverse range of species. Basic characteristics of palm trees include growth from a single stem with crowns of evergreen leaves arranged in either a fan shape or feathery blooms. Most palms have inflorescence containing colorful flowers, which are usually small and white. The fruits of palms are considered to be drupes, or fruits containing a fleshy, soft part surrounding a hard seed center. California Fan Palm: Stately and distinctive, the California fan palm is one of the most widely grown palms in subtropical climates. The California fan palm can grow 60' tall with a crown spread of 15'. The massive gray trunk is barrel-shaped and ringed with old leaf scars, and it may reach over 3' in diameter at its widest point. The California fan palm can have up to thirty gray-green palmate (fan-shaped) leaves, each 3-6' across. The California fan palm grows naturally in desert and arid regions, along streams and canyons, and in open areas where groundwater is present in southern California, western Arizona, and Baja California in Mexico. Light: The California fan palm prefers exposure to full sun, and even quite small specimens will thrive in full sun. It also grows well in part sun/shade. Moisture: Once established, the California fan palm is drought tolerant, but it benefits greatly with regular watering. For optimal growth, soil should be moist with good drainage. Hardiness: USDA Zones 8B - 11. Established California fan palms can withstand frosts and freezes. Reports of cold hardiness for the California fan palm indicate that the tree withstands 15-20 F with only minor foliage damage. All seeds include germination and growing instructions.
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