Burgundy Glow Ajuga 48 Plants - Carpet Bugle - Very Hardy -1 3/4" Pots

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Burgundy Glow Ajuga is a low growing evergreen perennial 6-10 in (15.2-25.4 cm) tall which forms a dense matlike groundcover as it spreads along underground stolons. As is typical of herbaceous plants in the mint family, Ajuga has square stems and opposite or whorled leaves. The basal leaves are dark green and oblong or spoon shaped, 3-5 in (7.6-12.7 cm) long and 1-2 in (2.5-5.1 cm) wide; stem leaves are a little smaller. The flowers (usually blue or purplish) are about 1/2 in (1.3 cm) long and borne in whorls on erect spikes 6-10 in (15.2-25.4 cm) tall. They are typical mint flowers: tubular with two unequal lips. Location: Ajuga is native to Europe, western Asia and Iran. It has escaped cultivation and become naturalized in some parts of the northeastern and northcentral U.S. Ajuga grows rapidly even in poor, heavy soils. Light: Grow Ajuga in partial shade to full shade. Ajuga can tolerate morning or late afternoon sun, but the leaves will surely scorch if they are exposed to full midday sun .Moisture: Ajuga needs moist conditions. It does best in fairly well drained soils with frequent watering. Hardiness: USDA Zones 3 - 9. Propagation: Ajuga is easily propagated by separating the little plants that arise from the spreading stolons. This can be done any time of year. Ajuga also can be started from cuttings in summer. Larger areas can be seeded with Ajuga. Ajuga makes a showy groundcover in moist, shady areas of the landscape. It grows well in areas too shady for grass. Under ideal growing conditions Ajuga will spread rapidly from its underground runners. It forms such a dense mat that weeds cannot grow through it.
  • Low growing evergreen perennial ground cover grows 6-10" tall
  • Spreads rapidly from its underground runners
  • Chokes out weeds
  • Grows well in areas too shady for grass, also grows in part-sun
  • Immediate shipping in 48 cell flats. Shipped dormant in the winter


  • 5
    Very Impressed

    Posted by Kimberly on Sep 3rd 2022

    This was such a good deal. The plants [all 48] had healthy leaves and masses of roots. As usual, I didn't by enough, so I am going to get another flat of them to complete my groundcover for a gentle ledge

  • 5
    burgundy glow ajuga

    Posted by ron mentzer on Aug 26th 2022

    fast shipping,,well packaged plants, plants alot better than expected,very pleased

  • 5
    Great service and product

    Posted by Adrian Schrock on Aug 3rd 2021

    I couldn’t be happier with the 5 flats of ajuga I ordered. Arrived via mail in 5 days. I was worried about shipping live plants but they were well packed, still had plenty of moisture and looked great. I would definitely order again from Hirts.

  • 5
    Burgundy Glow Ajuga

    Posted by Alisa Gann on Apr 27th 2021

    Arrived in great condition even after getting lost in the mail. Took 7 days to get to me because of post office but Hirt’s does such a good job of growing and packaging their plants that it didn’t matter. I will definitely use them again!