Blue Perennial Garden 50 Seeds -Tall - Easy to Grow!

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blue perennial garden
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A stunning mixture of blue perennial seeds that grows 30-50" tall. This assortment does best in a sunny location. It is hardy in zones 4-9. Start the seed indoors in pots and get a head start on spring. You will get 50 seeds, enough to plant approximately a 10' x 5' perennial bed. This mix contains ... Genus Examples of species and varieties Echinops E. bannaticus, E. ritro Eryngium E. planum, E. tripartitum Lupinus L. perennis, L. Russell 'Kastellan' Polemonium P. caeruleum as well as ... Genus Examples of species and varieties Aconitum A. napellus, A. x arendsii Agapanthus A. umbellatus Agastache A. rugosa Baptisia B. australis Delphinium D. Belladonna 'Bellamosum', Pazifik 'Blue Bird', Pazifik 'King Arthur' Geranium G. pratense Iris I. setosa, I. sibirica Limonium L. latifolium Linaria L. purpurea Tradescantia T. virginiana 'Blau' Verbena V. bonariensis and many other rare and beautiful species Seed Germination and growing instructions are included with every order!

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