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You’ll get an unreal berry display with Berry Box pyracomeles. In the spring, it flowers heavily, giving you a sneak peak of the berry coverage you’ll get in the fall. Its white, five-petaled blooms pepper the tiny, evergreen foliage beautifully. Later on in the fall, bunches of brilliant orange berries form where the flowers once were. As the season progresses toward winter, the berries turn to a cheerful red color. No matter the season, it adds lovely fine texture to the landscape, providing good contrast to coarse and medium textured plants in the garden. Grows with a quirky habit that looks best unpruned. It's at home in containers, at the front of the border, as a groundcover, or planted as a low hedge. Pyracomeles need little maintenance and care. They grow in sun or part shade, and need nothing more than average soil and water. Does not need pruning and cannot be done at any time without sacrificing either flowers, berries, or both. If you wish to prune it, do so after the new growth has emerged in spring but before it becomes woody. Never heard of Pyracomeles before? You're not alone! It's quite new to the market. Its funny name (and the "x" in front of it) derive from the two different genera that were crossed to create it - Pyracantha and Osteomeles. The "x" simply indicates that it is a cross of two species - it is not pronounced. Berry Box™ xPyracomeles sp. 'NCXP1' USPPAF
  • Mature Height: 2' - 3'6" Spread: 2' - 3'
  • Zones 7-9
  • Evergreen
  • Part Sun to Sun
  • Immediate shipping in a 4" pot