Bambino Dwarf Fiddleleaf Fig Tree - Ficus - 6" Pot - Great Indoor Tree

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FIcus lyrata 'Bambino' is a dwarf cultivar of the ever popular fiddle leaf fig. This variety has a compact and bushy growth habit and slightly smaller leaves than the classic F. lyrata. Its smaller size makes for a much more manageable houseplant. Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid scorching of the leaves. Cultivation and uses: It is a popular ornamental tree in subtropical and tropical gardens, and is also grown as a houseplant, where it usually stays shorter when put into pots than when grown outdoors. Their main horticultural feature are their large leaves. Like other fig species, it can grow to a large tree if planted in the ground. Like all figs, it is frost tender. The plant you will receive is growing in a 6" pot, approximately 12" tall. Similar to the first photo.
  • If temperatures are below freezing, order in the spring
  • Makes a stunning indoor tree.
  • Easy to grow.
  • Provide morning sun or bright, indirect light.
  • Immediate Shipping in a 6" pot, approximately 12" tall. Similar to the first photo.

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