Widow Perennial Geranium 15 Seeds

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window geranium
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GERANIUM: A favorite for its excellent habit and late spring to summer blooming period. Not to be confused with annual Geraniums, these are hardy perennials that will return year after year. Plants are blanketed with five petalled flowers and the foliage is attractive and aromatic. Can be used as a groundcover in sun or shade.

An impressive perennial, which effortlessly produces a waveof nodding blooms in the most sensual shades ranging from deep maroon to almost black. Grows 18 inches tall. Hardy in zones 5-9.

Plant History:
Widely distributed, mainly in temperate regions, the Geranium family comprises 400 species of both annual and perennial forms. The name clearly refers to the beak-like fruits, and derives from the Greek "geranos", a crane. This also lends itself to explain the common name, Cranesbill, with "phaem" meaning dark colored.

Kew grows more species in its 300 acres than any other garden in the world and is an important scientific institution. The magnificent glasshouses, including Decimus Burton's famous Palm House, display a wide range of plants from rainforest to desert and provide the visitor with a visual and fragrant treat whatever the time of year.

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