White Foam Flower - 20 Seeds - Tiarella Wherryi

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Tiarella wherryi This small woodland genus includes two native species that are useful in the garden. T. cordifolia spreads rapidly by underground stems and makes a fine ground cover. The species we offer,T. wherryi stays right where you put it, directing its energy instead to flowering, which it does for most of the growing season. This attractive little plant produces a low clump of handsome, lobed foliage topped by 12-18in racemes of creamy white flowers that remain in bloom for 6 weeks beginning in May, then repeat throughout the summer, concluding, some years, with a good show in fall. The foliage is evergreen where winters are not too harsh, taking on bronze tones as the weather turns cold. Paired up with other shade-loving plants in a cool, moist spot, this carefree lovely will brighten a dark corner.
  • Hardy Zones 5-8
  • Full to Part Shade
  • Blooms May-Sept
  • Easy to Grow
  • Ships from Ohio