White Angels Trumpet Tree-15 Seed-Brugmansia-Tropical

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Beautiful, trumpet-shaped, scented, white blooms (each up to 12 inches long) from June to September. This angle's trumpet makes an exotic container plant for a sunny site. Plants may survive a hard winter outside given a thick mulch, so worth a try. They start to grow back from the base in late April/early May depending on the weather if they survive. Otherwise, they are easy to over winter indoors, even a shed or garage will do.

Brugsmania Angel's trumpet is a common name given Brugmansia (sometimes referred to as Datura). Brugmansia blooms dangle like great trumpets or bells from the large shrubs and range from 7 to 14 inches long depending on the variety. In the late afternoon, the fragrance from these flowers is intense. Brugmansia are easy to grow and may be grown in containers or in the garden. Grow in sun or part sun. The plant may grow as tall as 15 feet, especially following a mild winter, but don t worry, they can be kept much smaller by pruning and can start flowering when only around 2 feet or less in height. The flowers begin to appear in spring and continue through the summer and into the cooler Autumn months. For best results feed heavily in the growing season. Garden plants should be heavily mulched for the winter. Plant tops will freeze, but new growth from the roots usually appears each spring. Container-grown plants moved indoors for the winter may bloom during those months.

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