Venus Flytrap Plant - CARNIVOROUS - Dionaea - 2" Pot

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Carnivorous plants have the most bizarre adaptations to low-nutrient environments. These plants obtain some nutrients by trapping and digesting various invertebrates. Because insects are one of the most common prey items for most carnivorous plants, they are sometimes called insectivorous plants. It is not surprising that the most common habitat for these plants is in bogs and fens, where nutrient concentrations are low but water and sunshine seasonally abundant. As many as thirteen species of carnivorous plants have been found in a single bog (Folkerts, 1982). Most plants absorb nitrogen from the soil through their roots. But carnivorous plants absorb nitrogen from their animal prey through their leaves specially modified as traps.

Nature provides this remarkable plant with "traps" to lure and capture it's food. The traps are covered inside by tiny hairs and a sticky sweet smelling substance attractive to insects. When an insect touches the trigger hair, the trap is activated and closes around it's victim. After digestion of it's meal (whick takes several days), the trap will open again for a new catch. Keep moist at all times, rainwater or distilled water are preferred. Plants should not be fertilized (so therefore should be separated from your other plants). The insects it catches provide natural nourishment. Select a sunny window for your Venus Flytrap. In replanting only use sphagnum! Peat moss will do in a pinch. Put a plastic saucer underneath the plant to hold water and keep it's humidity proper but do not stand in a dish of water. You will receive: Venus Fly Trap growing in a 3" clay pot, similar to the pictures. They are smaller in the winter. Due to the nature of the Venus Fly Trap you can expect some damage to the traps in shipping. Simply trim them off and new ones will quickly sprout.

  • Due to the nature of this plant all sales are final. Please report delivery problems within 48 hours of receiving the plant.
  • Distilled or Rain Water Only
  • Keep Moist at all Times
  • Nature provides this remarkable plant with "traps" to lure and capture it's food
  • Venus Fly Trap growing in a 2" pot.


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    Good buy!

    Posted by Michael p. on Jan 30th 2023

    I bought 2 plants recently from hirts. They were the most reasonable price I could find anywhere (including shipping). They came in great condition , on time. And packed with love and care I should also mention I live in Boston,MA and ordered them in the middle of winter (snowing the day they arrived) and the company included a heat pack for the plants without me asking at no additional charge. Shows me they care about there product more than profit. The plants are adjusting to be replanted in my terrarium just great and ate fruit flies the same day.

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    Venus Fly Trap

    Posted by Jessika Hembree on Mar 8th 2021

    The plant is wonderful. So many Traps on it. Came packaged very well.

  • 5

    Posted by Margaret on Nov 18th 2020

    Plant arrived wrapped and well preserved.