Vegetable Grow Bag with 6 Yukon Gold Potato Tubers and 10 Quarts Potting Soil

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This grow bag makes it easy - drainage holes and resealable window for easy harvesting. Handles on each side for portability and convenience. Great for patio gardening and small spaces. Includes grow bag, 6 Yukon Gold tubers and 10 quarts of potting soil. Deliciously Different Early. Yukon Gold Potato History: Yellow-fleshed potatoes are common in Europe and South America. In fact, yellow flesh potatoes are actually considered the norm in most countries outside North America, so naturally, immigrants to North America were accustomed to and preferred potatoes with yellow flesh. This untapped market was begging for an enhanced, disease-resistant gold variety which could be easily grown in North America. We have the potato-breeding program of the University of Guelph in Canada to thank for the Yukon Gold. Led by potato breeder Dr. Gary Johnston and sponsored by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, a research team spent years experimenting, finally achieving success by cross-breeding a North American white potato (Norgleam) with a wild South American yellow-fleshed variety (W5279-4). The result was the Yukon Gold, the first Canadian-bred potato to be marketed and promoted by name. It received a Canadian license in 1980 and soon began exportation to the United States. Yukon Golds are slightly flat and oval in shape with light gold, thin skin and light yellow flesh. They can be identified by the rosy pink coloration of the shallow eyes. Anthoxanthins are the compound which gives the gold potato its beautiful yellow color. These flavenoids are also found in onions, apples, and cauliflower. Consumption of fresh white potatoes in the United States has actually been declining. The new interest in gold potatoes on a consumer level, for both visual appeal as well as taste, has boosted the potato market.
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