Under the Sun Coleus 10 Fuseable Pellets - Crimson Gold/Versa Lime - Indoors/Out

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New concept in seed technology makes sowing coleus very easy and care free.

Fuseables represent a whole new way to sow and grow flowers, as easy and carefree as can be imagined. This coleus Fuseable, for example, combines two varieties—‘Crimson Gold’ and ‘Versa Lime’—into a single easy-growing pellet. Growing 20-32" tall, the two varieties germinate, grow and glow in harmony, creating a mounding pool of serene color. Great for both sun and shade, this coleus pairing proved fine garden performers in our trials. A natural choice for containers, hanging baskets and large ceramic bowls, requiring just 3 to 5 plugs per pot. Great for both sun and shade.

  • You receive 10 pellets (actually more than 50 seeds)
  • Each pellet contains: Crimson Gold Coleus seeds and Versa Lime Coleus seeds.
  • Great for hanging baskets and other containers. Grow indoors or out.
  • Much easier to plant and grow than traditional seeds
  • Prefers the sun