Temple of Bloom® - Seven-Son Flower - 4" pot - Heptacodium - Proven Winners

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Hang on to your hat - Temple of Bloom™ seven-son flower is going to blow your mind! We are thrilled to be able to bring this outstanding plant, previously known only by collectors and plant geeks, to everyone in North America. Temple of Bloom seven-son flower is a beautiful, easy to grow small tree which simply can't be matched for year-round beauty. In spring, the handsome leaves emerge, each sporting dramatically deep veins that make the plant stand out in the landscape. As the season progresses, the leaves grow larger and develop a long, twisting tip. Come August, when everything else is winding down, Temple of Bloom™ seven-son flower is just coming into its own, as it becomes covered in big clusters of fragrant white flowers that hummingbirds and other pollinators flock to. They last for weeks before gracefully falling to the ground to reveal vivid red, fan-like bracts, which make it look like the plant is blooming again in a completely different color. As winter comes and the leaves drop, the plant's elegant frame is revealed, along with amazing light tan peeling bark. Temple of Bloom™ seven-son flower is the perfect choice for a special spot in your landscape. Plant it where it can be seen, often, and enjoyed any time of the year.
  • Hardy Zones 5-9
  • Mature Garden Height: 72 - 120 Inches
  • Flowers: Red & White
  • Blooms: Summer - Fall
  • Immediate shipping in 4" pot. Plants ordered during winter months are shipped dormant.