Sweet Woodruff Perennial Plant - Galium-Herb/Groundcover - Gallon Pot

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Sweet woodruff plants bear clusters of small, white star-shaped blooms and reach 8"-12" in height (with a slightly greater width). Foliage takes the form of whorls of lance-shaped, dark green leaves. Sweet woodruff prefers shade and a well-drained, slightly acidic, soil. Sweet woodruff plants will grow more vigorously with regular watering, but this will also result in their spread (perhaps to areas where they are not welcome). If you wish to keep sweet woodruff herb plants contained within a certain space, cut back on watering. Uses for Sweet Woodruff: Use sweet woodruff plants as a ground cover for shady areas in the landscape, as this plant will spread out to form a mat and choke out weeds. However, sweet woodruff's use doesn't end when the growing season ends. In former times, sweet woodruff herbs were commonly harvested and used for medicinal and culinary purposes. E.g., the fresh leaves were used medicinally to heal wounds. Nowadays, we more often value this herb as a fragrant plant. It lends a fragrance to linens, sachets and potpourris.
  • Proper name: Galium odoratum
  • Zones 4-9
  • Bloom Time: Spring
  • Color of Bloom: White
  • Immediate shipping gallon pot. Dormant shipping in winter.