Spearmint Plant - Grow Indoors/Out - 3" Pot

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Also known as bush, brown, garden, lamb, mackerel, and spire mint, spearmint is a member of the Mentha genus. It’s also sometimes called M. viridis or M. romana. It’s closely related to peppermint, wild mint (M. arvensis), and watermint (M. aquatica). Spearmint plants can reach about three feet tall at maturity, but it can also be low-growing, depending on the amount of light that it receives. Spearmint is monoecious, meaning it has flowers with both female and male parts, so there’s no need to grow more than one plant for pollination. The pink or lilac flowers grow on spikes and bloom in the summer and fall, typically from June to October. Spearmint will give you the best flavor when it is grown in a full sun location. If you live in a hot area where the soil dries out quickly, add an inch of natural mulch like leaves, grass, or compost to retain moisture. While the weather and local climate are obviously not in your control, leaves will have a better flavor in areas that have a significant fluctuation between nighttime and daytime temperatures. Anywhere with temperatures in the 80s during the day and the 60s at night is ideal. Spearmint can grow in almost any type of soil, including soils that are sandy or loamy, as well as clay. It can also grow in various light conditions from full sun to full shade, though the flavor and blossoms will be less impressive in the shade. It can grow in acidic, neutral, or alkaline soil, but a pH of 6.0-7.5 is ideal. In fact, the most demanding element of growing spearmint is that it needs plenty of water. While it can tolerate low light or less than ideal soil, dry soil can kill it. In the heat of the summer, this can mean watering two or more times a week to ensure the soil is moist to the touch at all times. If the top 1/2 inch of soil is dry, your plant needs water. Regular watering is particularly important in hot, dry climates or if you have sandy soil. You should always water at the base of plants and not on the foliage.
  • Perfect to garnish your summer drinks!!
  • Easy to grow
  • Hardy Perennial
  • Grow indoors or out
  • Immediate shipping in a 3" Pot


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    They arrived in good condition.they seem to be healthy.

    Posted by Toni Pompa on Mar 30th 2022

    I'm very happy with the plants. I haven't been disappointed with any plants that I have purchased from hirts.