Sodiroi Philodendron - Easy to Grow House Plant - 2" Pot

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This Philodendron is known for its silver stripes throughout all the leaves. The Philodendron Sodiroi grows many leaves close to one another, resulting in a full pot!! Philodendron ‘Sodiroi’ is an impressive houseplant that features green, heart-shaped leaves covered in gorgeous silvery “brushstrokes”. Makes a great houseplant! It is best grown in fertile, organic, acidic soil that is moist but never waterlogged. Allow the soil to mostly dry out between waterings. Fertilize monthly, more frequently in containers, and water regularly. Philodendrons prefer bright, indoor light but do not take well to direct sunlight. Protect from freezing temperatures!
  • Know for silver stripes in leaves
  • Grows almost anywhere in the house, except full sun
  • Keep soil evenly moist, but not wet or dry
  • Adapts to high and low light conditions as well as varying humidity
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