Save the Bees Mix Seeds - 12 grams - Annual

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The declining bee population is a troubling concern for everyone, especially farmers and gardeners. Colony collapse and die-off are serious problems, because we depend on bees to pollinate many of the fruits and vegetables we eat. Bees are also important to animals and birds that feed on wild berries, nuts and seeds produced by bee-pollinated plants. Though scientists are still debating as to the causes of bee decline, loss of habitat and food sources for wild bees may be a concern for them. We put together this custom mix of annual and perennial beautiful flowers and fragrant herbs proven to attract bees and other pollinating insects who will gather their pollen and feed on their nectar. The variety of colorful blooms in this mix that open from spring to fall will provide months of helpful sustenance to your local bees!
  • Assorted Annuals
  • Blooms Spring - Fall
  • 18-60" Tall
  • Full Sun
  • Ships from Ohio