Salsify- Rare Root Oyster Plant -Grown by Hirt's- 4" Pot

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Heirloom; native of Europe this unusual and rare vegetable tastes like oysters, hence it's name. Tasty in soups and stews or cooked alone. Plant in spring, dig in fall; a parsnip-like root. This variety dates back to the 1800's. Young plants look like grass. Since they are a root crop, they prefer deep, stone-free soil. The roots are hardy and can be left in the ground until April. The young roots of salsify can be peeled and eaten fresh, but older roots are best cooked. Salsify is often used with oysters in soups and bisques. Salsify is also a delicious addition to gratins. Besides eating the roots, you can also eat the young greens in a salad
  • Also known as oyster plant, root oyster, vegetable oyster
  • You can eat the roots and the tender greens
  • Easy to grow
  • Heirloom, non GMO vegetable
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