Red Lion Amaryllis/Large Bulb Growing in a Moss Ball "Kokedama"

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Huge Scarlet Red Blooms. Giant Amaryllis are easy and thrilling to grow indoors, and a great gift for a child or the home bound person. Unlike many other amaryllis bulbs on the market, our large hybrid bulbs will produce two 20-24" stems, each bearing 4 or 5 huge, long lasting flowers that are over 8 inches in diameter. Start one or two bulbs into growth every 7-10 days to grace your home from holiday time until spring. Water the moss ball when dry to the touch. Keep in a sunny or bright location in the home.
  • Includes large bulb, Moss Pot, Stones and Saucer
  • Red Lion Amaryllis bulb in moss Kokedama ball
  • Mature Height: 18", Bulb Size: Large
  • Bloom Time: 8-10 weeks after planting
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