Rare Bamboo Stalks Peperomia - Easy to Grow - 2.5" Pot - Collector's Series

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An easy to grow peperomia with bamboo like stalks. Culture: Peperomias does best in at least 50% shade with temperatures of 68 to 75 degrees, and in winter, the temperature should not be less than 50 degrees. It is usually enough to water the plant every 8 to 10 days, but that depends on temperature and time of the year. Plants should be fertilized twice a month in summer with a balanced fertilizer diluted to the strength recommended on the label. The plant does not need re-potting unless it becomes too large for the pot. The roots are better off in a pot that is a little on the small side. The plant needs a porous soil, as it needs plenty of air around the roots. A suitable compost consists of 3 parts peat moss to 1 part loam to 1 part sharp sand. Propagation: Peperomias are propagated by division or by leaf cuttings. Take leaf cuttings with a little bit of stem, dip in rooting hormone, place the leaf and stem in compost, water well and cover with a plastic bag. Remove the plastic bag once in a while to prevent the leaves from rotting. New plants will start from the base of the leaves.
  • The stalks look like bamboo
  • Water thoroughly when on the dry side
  • Does well under artificial light
  • Native to the rain forests of Brazil
  • Immediate shipping


  • 5
    Bamboo Stalks Peperomia

    Posted by Anadelle on Feb 11th 2021

    It arrived so quickly that the heater was still warm. Packaging was excellent and the plant looked perfect the next morning once it had time to breathe. It's so cute and tiny!

  • 5
    Tough little plant

    Posted by Rosalie Castro on Nov 2nd 2020

    There was asnow storm the day my plant shipped and I was so worried about it freezing in a cold truck but it made it through the horrible weather and is going great

  • 5
    Beautiful little plant

    Posted by Bamboo stalks Peperomia on Oct 31st 2020

    It’s small but I expected that. Cute little Peperomia. Arrived safe and sound. I was a scared it wouldn’t be ok because of the sudden cold front we got but it got here before the expected arrival date and in healthy perfect condition.

  • 5

    Posted by Tracy Bioski on Oct 18th 2020

    I’ve been eyeing this one and finally bought it. I’ve never heard of this kind of peperomia but glad I get to watch it grow.