Rainbow Blend Cherry Tomato Seeds - 100 mg

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Tomato Cherry 'Rainbow Blend' Can't decide which cherry tomato to pick? This packet has a rainbow selection of seven fun gourmet colors and flavors. Varieties include: Sundrop (orange), Miribelle (yellow), Brown Cherry (brown), Sugar Sweetie (red), Green Grape (green), Super Snow White (creamy white), and Bi Color Cherry (red/yellow). The seeds are color-coded, so you can be sure to plant at least one of each variety. Cherry tomatoes are indeterminate, with vines that continue to grow until fall frost. They may be grown in containers or in the garden and require the support of a stake or tomato cage. This packet plants: 30 plants (after thinning). When to plant outside: Generally started indoors, tomatoes can also be directly seeded outside! Sow in spring, after the average last spring frost and when soil temperatures reach 60 degrees. In warm winter/hot summer areas of the south, southwest, and parts of California, they can also be planted in early fall for winter harvest.
  • 65 Days to Maturity
  • Warm Season crop
  • Rainbow of Colors: Red, Brown, White, Orange, Yellow, Bi-color & Green
  • 100 mg of Seed
  • Ships from Ohio