Purple Coral Bells 30 Seeds-Heuchera - Shade Perennial

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purple coral bells
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PALACE PURPLE CORAL BELLS - Heuchera 1991 Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year. Clump-forming perennial features a mound (typically to 12" tall) of maple or ivy-like, long stemmed leaves (3-5" wide) which are an attractive deep purple above and beet red beneath. Pinkish white, bell-shaped flowers in open, airy panicles are borne on slender, wiry, dark red stems extending well above the mound of leaves typically to a height of 15-24" in late spring to early summer. Zone 3-10. Reliable perennial valued for it's winter presence and summer contrast. Like many Coral Bells it is good for half shade in a woodland edge position but in moist soil and cloudy climate it tolerates an open position in full sun at the edge of a border.
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