Purple Cauliflower Plant - 4" Pot - Color and Flavor

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The appearance of purple cauliflower is truly breathtaking. This Graffiti variety is the first purple cauliflower of its size that actually retains its color when cooked. Wonderful when stir fried with garlic and ginger, Graffiti purple cauliflower is at its best when quickly blanched, shocked with ice water and served as the show-stopping element in a cruidite platter. This lovely cauliflower would also make great pickles, since an acidic environment will help maintain the purple color. 80 days. Cauliflower is recommended for a "Low Carb" diet! Purple Cauliflower resulted from the discovery of a purpled coloured spontaneous mutant plant in a cauliflower field in the late eighties, and years of dedicated classical breeding at the research station "Danefeld" in Denmark. Purple Cauliflower is based on a very stable source of colour formation without the problems of previous varieties. It has been tested in many temperate and subtropical areas and proved itself to be adaptable and productive. The purple colour is due to formation of anthocyanins also found in red cabbage and in red wine. The Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences has carried out analyses showing that Purple Cauliflower contains approximately 200 times more anthocyanin than a white cauliflower exhibiting "pinking" but with exactly the same substances. Some scientists believe that anthocyanins are actually healthy compounds belonging to the group of phenolic antioxidants.
  • The appearance of purple cauliflower is truly breathtaking
  • Adaptable & productive
  • 80 Days to Maturity
  • Fun to Grow!
  • Immediate Shipping